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Government Owned Online Poker Room Ready to Launch
Near the end of 2005 the online poker news environment crackled with the electric announcement that the world's first government owns poker site was preparing to launch. Based out of Sweden the poker site, a joint effort between Swedish gaming company Boss Media and government owned Svenska Spel, would be a free web site for players and was hotly anticipated.
Celebrity Poker Showdown Picks Up Poker Brat

Arguably one of the most important shows in the world of poker, at least when it comes to sparking interest in No Limit Texas Hold'em, is Celebrity Poker Showdown, the show on Bravo network that pits five celebrity players against each other in Hold'em, playing for charity and for laughs.

Poker Magazine Targets Women Players

Woman Poker Player Magazine has a special audience; can you guess who it is? That's right, women poker players, a much misunderstood but increasingly growing population that will appreciate the magazine's quality approach to their lot.

Poker Apparel Company Acquires Affiliations

Recently western clothing brand Billy Martin's USA, Inc, announced that they had hired a professional poker player as a spokesperson as well as a clothing model, to wear their new line of poker inspired gear at the World Series of Poker this year.

World Series of Poker Book Offers Look Back

For some poker players the idea "you are only as good as your last win" is carried over into their appreciation of big time events, such as the biggest one of all, the World Series of Poker. For others, however, studying the past is the key to winning in the future, and these players review the accomplishments of past masters of No Limit Texas Hold'em in order to seek out wisdom.

Poker Plus Casino Site

There are many ways to market and make money at online poker and one company has found yet another way; to use their online casino site in conjunction with their poker room.

WSOP Once Again Increases Prize

When the World Series of Poker offered a prize for their main event of one million dollars, the poker world was stunned; no other prize had been offered or was so accessible to the average poker player before. Now they are going to do it again, following a tradition started in 2003 of raising the prize each year, only this time the amount up for grabs is a cool ten million dollars.

Europe to See More of the World Poker Tour

The World Poker Tour has set its sights on expanding its brand in Europe lately. The parent company of the WPT, World Poker Tour Enterprises, Inc, has made a deal to help the expansion by joining forces with Granada Ventures. The United Kingdom based company is part of the ITV, an influential group of TV networks that broadcast in the UK.

Poker Room Launched by Financial Website

A leading European financial website decided to launch their own poker website recently, rather than to go the affiliate poker room route.

A New Year Of New Poker TV Programs

The World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker were the main trend setters when it comes to poker TV, showcasing their actual tournaments, filming thousands of hands of poker and using lipstick cameras to show what the players are holding.

Canadian Charities Confused About Poker

New Brunswick police are asked why some establishments, like two bars in Saint John, are advertising poker events and remain open despite the fact that unregulated gambling is a crime in the area.

Online Poker Player Bounty Gets Laughs

The call is one that stirs the blood and gets the attention of anyone who has put up with a loud mouth, arrogant poker player at their table, the kind that claim they are better than everyone else.

12 Month Sentence For Online Poker Addict

The Exeter Crown Court listened to the story of a poker junkie who was lead astray by her former boyfriend, himself a poker addict, and how she tried to pay back the money she stole from her employer. When it was all said and done Judge Graham Cottle sentenced Cindy Streets to a one year jail term.

Research Data Shows Online Poker A $60 Billion Industry

Research and Markets is a company that provides research and marketing data to big businesses such as Coca-Cola and have recently produced a new report aimed at illustrating the poker industry success of 2005.

Doyle’s Room’s Network Beefed Up By Bowmans

Online poker rooms have a choice when they get started; either build their own software from scratch and start the process of building a reputation for reliability and quality, or find and join an existing poker network that already has the reputation and experience to give them a jump in the right direction.

Emerald Casino Looses License

On November 15th hearing officer Abner Mikva made a recommendation to the Illinois Gaming Board that the Emerald Casino should loose it’s gambling license. Just over one month later, the IGB decided to accept that recommendation.

Bluff Lists Poker Power 20 Names

When it comes to the poker industry as a whole, there are more people involved in making it a success than the stand out players who make the TV tables in events on the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker. To Acquire

The Austrian gaming company has made an offer that Erik Hornell and his three sons can’t refuse. In what stands to be a multi-billion kroner deal, will be acquiring Ongame, the company that operates

WPT Chipleader For Second Day Patrik Antonius

The World Poker Tour is wrapping up, and the European young gun known as Patrik Antonius is making his American counterparts a bit nervous. For the second day running, Antonius has maintained the chip lead, which gives him a nice starting position to finish out the 2005 Bellagio’s Five Diamond Classic main event.

Iron Mike Might Be At Poker Tournament

Can Mike Tyson play poker? If so, is he any good? Imagine the ratings draw if the former heavyweight boxing champ were to appear at the final table of a televised poker tournament; it would surely be a cash bonanza for whomever was hosting it.

Petition Needed For North Dakota Poker Battle To Continue

In order for North Dakota State Representative Jim Kasper to get his wish when it comes to poker he is going to have to convince 25,688 North Dakota voters that his ideas will be a benefit to the state.

Poker Rooms To Compete In Court

Empire Online has managed to avoid acquisition for the second time in row, but it does not seem like the directors of the online poker room are happy about it.

Charity Poker Slips Police Radar

"California law is rigid and inflexible when it comes to nonprofits and charitable gambling," said Nathan Barankin. Barankin is the communications director for the Attorney General's Office.

Are Online Poker Rooms Safe From Cheating?

According to Richard Marcus, online poker rooms are filled with cheats, and it is only going to get worse. Marcus knows what he is talking about when it comes to defrauding casinos; he and his team of experts did so for 25 years, in Atlantic City, Monte Carlo, London and Las Vegas, raking in a reputed $5 million.



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